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Drain-Guard™ Double Containment DWV System
IPEX Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Drain-Guard™ Double Containment DWV to our family of Drainage Systems for Noncombustible...
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IPEX double containment systems can be equipped with our patented Centra-Guard™ leak detection, providing an advanced, fully-automated, reliable, cost-effective solution that offers the ultimate protection against environmental damage and the high cost of cleanup, not to mention lost production.

With the unique Centra-Guard™ point-of-collection leak detection system, sensors are attached to the containment pipe in zones to immediately detect the leakage of fluid into the interstitial space.

IPEX Centra-Guard™ systems are available for above-ground, suspended piping applications, with sensors housed in saddle-type clamps, as well as for below-grade piping systems, with sensors located in drip leg assemblies. Cable-type leak detection is also available.

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