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DuraplusTM ABS industrial piping systems have been performing in a vast range of demanding industrial applications for more than half a century. Duraplus® is ideal for handling abrasive slurries, separation reagents, caustics, low-temperature glycol and many other demanding substances – both indoors and outdoors.

DuraplusTM is made from a specially formulated acrylonitrile copolymer, exhibiting high impact strength, outstanding ductility, broad chemical resistance and long-term UV resistance at operating temperatures from -40°F to 158°F, and pressures from 75 to 230 psi (rated at 73ºF).

Half the weight of copper and one-sixth the weight of steel pipe, DuraplusTM is easy to handle and simple to install using DuraplusTM solvent cement. Extruded pipe and dimensionally matched molded fittings and valves are available from 3/8" to 12".

Industrial Product Catalogue [PDF]
Duraplus ABS for Secondary Loop Applications [PDF]
Wastewater Brochure [PDF]
Industrial Product Overview [PDF]
Vol IV: Duraplus ABS Industrial Technical Manual [PDF]
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