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8" - 24" (200mm - 600mm)

IPEX Ultra-Rib® is a gravity flow PVC sewer pipe with concentric reinforcing ribs that encircle the pipe to provide superior ring stiffness and performance. It is an extruded, seamless pipe made from high grade PVC compound


Ultra-Rib is available in standard sewer sizes from 200mm to 600mm (8" – 24"). Its optimized profile design offers strength and reliability, as well as economy and superior flow rates.


Tight Joints and Lower Treatment Costs
Eliminate infiltration and exfiltration. Ultra-Rib’s 50 psi capable joints easily outperform concrete and corrugated PE joints.

Superior Flow Characteristics
Because of the smooth inside wall of Ultra-Rib, a Manning’s coefficient of 0.009 can be used when designing systems using Ultra-Rib pipe. This compares with Manning’s coefficients of up to 0.023 for other materials like clay or concrete.

Abrasion Resistance
Ultra-Rib has been proven to be more abrasion resistant than other profile pipes, and has out-performed concrete pipe in testing at California State University.

Chemical Resistance
PVC is virtually immune to chemical attack from any type of sewage. Hydrogen Sulphide attack, which causes millions of dollars of damage to concrete and metal infrastructure, will not affect Ultra-Rib.

Stress Crack Resistance
While some HDPE pipes have been found to crack prematurely under load, Ultra-Rib’s tough PVC construction and superior formulation has been proven to be immune to these problems.

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