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4" - 12" (100mm - 300mm)

Designed for municipal applications, Blue Brute
® systems deliver superior strength with corrosion resistant performance and the ability to flex without damage. IPEX municipal pressure piping systems are made with a high-strength, high-impact PVC compound, allowing them to perform even under high traffic loads and deep burial conditions.

Corrosion-Proof Performance
IPEX Blue Brute systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action.

Superior Hydraulics
The glass-like finish of PVC reduces friction losses and eliminates the tuberculation common in iron pipes. As a result, pumping costs are reduced and water quality is maintained.

Cast Iron Outside Diameter (CIOD)
Blue Brute systems are manufactured with a cast iron outside diameter (CIOD). This is compatible with waterworks valves, appurtenances and restrainers.

Bottle-tight Joints, Removable Gaskets
IPEX’s patented gasket system not only withstands many times the rated system pressure, but also withstands full vacuum pressures. The unique removable gasket system allows special oilresistant(nitrile) gaskets to be easily installed when working in contaminated soils.

Third-party Certification
All IPEX municipal systems are third-party certified as applicable. In addition, IPEX Blue Brute systems have Factory Mutual approval and Underwriter’s Laboratories (ULI and ULC) listings.

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