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IPEX Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Drain-Guard™ Double Containment DWV to our family of Drainage Systems for Noncombustible...
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From underground parking garages to hospitals to high-rise buildings, more and more mechanical contractors and engineers are discovering—and switching to—proven PVC systems for commercial and institutional buildings. Why are PVC systems from IPEX becoming the new standard? As an integrated solution, System 15® and System XFR® meet all code requirements for noncombustible buildings.

More importantly, they provide the required rugged reliability with all the added benefits of PVC.They’re lighter than their metal counterparts, making them easier to handle and install. Very durable, they resist corrosion and require virtually no maintenance. And they yield substantial cost savings both now and down the road.


To review our Case Studies and MJ Grey™ Mechanical Couplings Installation Video, please Click Here

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IPEX System 15®
The economic choice for contractors and engineers.

System 15® is a winner. It’s a cost-effective “workhorse” designed for the majority of low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems don’t run through an air space or plenum.

In addition to costing less than cast iron, System 15® pipe and fittings are engineered to withstand years of uninterrupted service. Made of tough, impact resistant PVC, System 15® won’t rust, pit, scale or degrade, even under continued exposure to moisture, salts, aggressive soils and most acids.

Do the math: System 15® is an unbeatable, cost-effective investment—now and for years to come.

System XFR®
The world's first uncoated PVC rated for high rises & plenums.

Until now, contractors installing DWV pipe in high-rises and plenums had few alternatives to heavy cast iron and copper. IPEX has changed that.

Proven in noncombustible environments, System XFR®’s advanced material meets all fire-resistance and smoke development codes. Its revolutionary fire-retardant properties eliminate flame spread and reduce the volume of smoke generated.

And in addition to its reliable smoke and fire protection, System XFR® delivers all the advantages you’d expect from thermoplastic piping. As a world’s first, System XFR® is definitely one for the record books.

IPEX offers a wide range of firestop products certified for use with System 15® and/or System XFR®.  Installers are advised to read firestop manufacturer listings carefully for exact piping products included in each listing.

A game changer that is taking PVC DWV to new heights

IPEX is proud to bring more
jobsite relief to your crew by introducing MJ GreyTM Mechanical Couplings to the “System” family. Certified to CSA B602 and listed to ULC 102.2 our MJ Grey mechanical couplings are available in 8", 10" and 12" configurations. On large diameter joints, mechanical couplings are a great alternative to solvent cementing when working in cold weather conditions or from heights in a scissor lift or bucket. Relief is also available when you need to make an installation adjustment as MJ Grey can be adjusted in-field as required.


•  Available in 8", 10" & 12"

•  Designed specifically for System 15 & System XFR PVC DWV

•  Certified to CSA B602 & listed to ULC 102.2-10 for Flame Spread Rating /

    Smoke Development Classification limits of 25/50

•  Stainless steel band with a grey rubber gasket

Case Studies and
MJ GreyTM Mechanical Couplings Installation Video

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