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Cements and Primers
Drain-Guard™ Double Containment DWV System
IPEX Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Drain-Guard™ Double Containment DWV to our family of Drainage Systems for Noncombustible...

IPEX cements are formulated to the highest standards in the industry and manufactured with the strictest quality control. That’s what enables us to offer a full system warranty with every complete IPEX system – pipe, valves, fittings and cement.

Choosing the correct solvent cement is vital to the performance of your IPEX integrated piping system. We offer a complete range of IPEX brand cements, primers and applicators, designed to ensure the integrity of your application.

To help you achieve a perfect joint every time, on-the-job training, videos and instruction booklets are available explaining our proven procedures. Contact your nearest IPEX representative for assistance. Strengthen the connection between pipe and fittings with IPEX solvent cements and primers, available for all PVC, CPVC and ABS piping systems.
Solvent Cement & Primers Catalogue [PDF]
Plumbing & Mechanical Product Catalogue [PDF]
Plumbing & Mechanical Product Overview [PDF]
Solvent Cementing Installation Guide [PDF]
Arrow Duraplus Industrial ABS Cement MSDS [PDF]
Arrow Duraplus MEK Cleaner Primer MSDS [PDF]
Ipex 100 PVC Conduit Cement [PDF]
Ipex 100T Primer [PDF]
Aquarise PUR PR_LoVoc_1-12 MSDS [PDF]
Aquarise Two Step ORG_LoVoc_1-12 MSDS [PDF]
Aquarise Two Step_LoVoc_1-12 MSDS [PDF]
Aquarise Two Step Yellow LoVoc 10-12 [PDF]
Aquarise One Step_Yellow_LoVoc_CAN 6-13 [PDF]
Duraplus LoVoc Solvent Cement Safety Data 10-13 [PDF]
IPS Corp IPEX IPS 810 Reactive Adhesive MSDS [PDF]
IPEX 4 CLR LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 4 GRY LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 25 WET-DRY BLU_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 71 ABS-MED Yellow_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 90 CLR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 95 FLEX CLR_ LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 96 WHT 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 636 CLR PR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 636 ORG_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 636 PUR PR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX 636 TRAN_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX BM 5 RED_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 15 One Step GRY MED_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 15 One Step GRY HVY_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 15 PUR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 15 Two Step GRY DWV_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 15 Two Step GRY TT_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
IPEX SYS 636 GRY_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
MSDS IPEX Pipe Lubricant English [PDF]
XIRTEC 5 GRY_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 7 CLR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 7 PUR_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 11 GRY_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 17 GRY_LoVoc 7-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 17 GRY_LoVoc 7-13 [PDF]
XIRTEC 19 GRY_LoVoc 6-13 [PDF]
WELD-ON GHS Safety Data Sheet 719 LoVoc 12-11 [PDF]
Low VOC Cements [PDF]