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Bionax PVCO Pressure Pipe
New 14, 16, and 18" Bionax PVCO pressure pipe for Municipal water transmission projects. Bionax is a molecularly-enhanced PVC pipe designed...

4" - 18" (100mm - 457.2)

Blue Brute fittings are injection molded and are even tougher than the pipe. Injection molded Blue Brute fittings have a wall thickness 125% larger than SDR18 pipe, and custom-made fabricated fittings are wrapped with a tough layer of fiberglass for extra protection.

Corrosion-Proof Performance
Blue Brute systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action.

Superior Hydraulics
The glass-like finish of PVC reduces friction losses and eliminates the tuberculation common in iron pipes. As a result, pumping costs are reduced and water quality is maintained.

 thicker bell that results in a more robust fitting.

Gaskets Options
All Blue Brute fittings are shipped with standard gaskets that accept cast-iron-sized PVC pipe. Transition gaskets for IPS-sized pipe are an option for all sizes. For applications where fittings must be buried in soil with hydrocarbon contamination, Nitrile gaskets are available.

Saves Time & Money
A consistent O.D. for each size, simplifying the restraint selection. Each fitting is labeled with the O.D. information for easy identification and restraint selection.

Third-party Certification
All IPEX municipal systems are third-party certified as applicable. In addition, IPEX Centurion and Blue Brute systems have Factory Mutual approval and Underwriter’s Laboratories (ULI and ULC) listings.


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